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Carisma Wills is a specialist estate planning business and because we have chosen to become experts in the legal services we offer, you can be sure that you will receive a premium service but at a very affordable price.

Face to face

We firmly believe that the services we provide and the advice that we give should be delivered by meeting our clients face to face and taking time to understand their needs and wishes. The Wills and LPAs we draft can be very different to the ones that a client first thought they needed when they called us to make an appointment, once we have explained all the options. Skype and FaceTime mean that we don’t have to be in the same room to be face-to-face!

Our advice

At your first meeting we ask you to tell us what you want to happen when you are no longer around to take care of your finances, property and your loved ones. We listen carefully to your priorities and wishes and advise you about any steps you may need to consider in planning your estate. Once we have everything we need, we create your personal documents and send you a draft copy in the format you prefer (by email or by post).

Signing and witnessing

We think that it is really important that our clients understand their Will so that when the time comes there is no need for expensive legal help to explain what it all means. All of our documents are written in plain English using established precedents. We will supervise the signing and witnessing of your documents to ensure that all the legal formalities are carefully followed but you can opt out of a supervised signing if you prefer.

Home visits

If you are unable to come to our office in the heart of the Staffordshire Moorlands or would prefer a home visit please let us know. Our consultants are happy to meet you wherever you feel most comfortable.

Fixed fees

Once we have all the information we need, we will give you a firm quote for the work required. Our prices are fixed and published in advance so there can be no nasty surprises or extras. We only ask for your payment once you have signed your Will or Lasting Power of Attorney and are happy with the work we have done for you.

Safe and secure storage

We can arrange to store your Will, Title Deeds and Lasting Powers of Attorney in a secure, insured, fireproof and waterproof facility for a small annual fee, payable by direct debit. Retrieval of your documents is completely free of charge. We strongly recommend that our clients take advantage of our storage option – the only valid Will is the original and your executors must be able to locate it when the time comes. A missing Will is the same as having no Will!

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Trusted Partners

A specialist estate administration service for our clients

Carisma Wills understands that dealing with the estate of a loved one can be a difficult and emotional experience for all involved. This is why we work in partnership with the specialist probate team at Geens Limited, to help make the process as straightforward as it can be for you.

If you are looking for free advice and practical guidance on how to deal with an estate, we can explain how this potentially complicated legal process works and the options available to you. We can also provide you with information on the Geens comprehensive estate administration service which is designed to remove all of the stress and hassle from you and your family. Their legal, tax and estate administration specialists will do all of the complicated work on your behalf, keeping you updated at all stages of the process so that you know exactly how the estate is progressing.

If you are recently bereaved, please accept our sincere condolences.  We promise to treat you and your family with kindness, respect and to offer support and guidance through this difficult time. We do not charge for an initial consultation if you simply want to find out more about your options and ask us to quote for any help you need.

Safe and secure storage of our clients’ legal documents

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The original versions of legal documents, such as Wills and Powers of Attorney are the only legally binding versions. Scans, photocopies and computer records are not legally valid because they don’t have your original signature on them. The original Will is your only Will and must be kept safely. One place you should never keep an original Will is at home. If you have a fire, flood or burglary, you risk losing your Will. If your Will is damaged in any way, then the courts could declare the Will invalid.
You must keep your Will in a safe place; however that place must be easily accessible when the document is needed!
Carisma Wills’ partner National Will Safe provides a complete document storage solution that solves all of the problems of protecting important legal documents, for a small annual fee. Please ask us about this essential service.

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