Fee and Charges

We keep our prices as low as we can. We have very few overheads and we aim to be clear, transparent and fair in the way we explain our fees and charges.

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What makes Carisma Wills so different?

Our fees are calculated carefully and take account of the costs of delivering our service as you would expect. These include the costs associated with voluntary regulation, professional indemnity insurance, the salaries of our team, materials, running an office, IT equipment and services, continuing professional development and training our consultants. We’re a business, so we aim to make a profit. From our profit, we are proud to support local and national charities (but we are not a charity and have no affiliations). If you would like to know which charities we are supporting when you make your Will, please ask your consultant.

A modern approach

Unlike most traditional firms we do not charge an hourly rate for the work we do routinely – Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney, client meetings, supervising signing, communicating with clients, drafting documents, progress checking and chasing.

Unlike many solicitors firms, we don’t break down each working hour into 6 or more segments of time and charge for those either.

We don’t create an additional charge for each email, letter or phone call.

We don’t invoice partway through the process and we won’t ask for advance payments.

Our fees are fixed, include all taxes and are easy to understand. Clients receive a firm quote and our letter of engagement before we do any work.

Non-standard work

On rare occasions, where a client requires us to carry out extra activities or tasks, or we have to liaise with a client’s family members, their accountant or financial adviser, we will agree an hourly rate in advance for this work.

If a financial adviser, accountant, or other professional person introduces a new client to us, we may pay them a fee or commission for their introduction. This will never affect what a client pays for our services. All Carisma Wills clients pay the same fee for the same work.

Cheap and cheerful?

Are we the cheapest locally? No, probably not. Are we affordable, cost-effective and realistically priced? Yes, definitely. (And we’re almost always cheerful too!)

A Will that’s invalid or contains errors is the same as having no Will. Free and very low-cost Will writing services do exist but take care, what sounds too good to be true often is. Loss leaders are common practice in the Wills market, and what seemed like a bargain may turn out not to be.

Regular market research ensures Carisma Wills’ fees are competitive. Our fees are reviewed every 6 months, in July and January, and published in our fees list.

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