Coping with Loss

The death of a loved one is often devastating, turning your world upside down. It can sometimes be difficult to open up to those around you about how you are feeling, especially if they are dealing with the loss too.

Talking to an experienced counsellor, who will listen without judgment, can be really helpful.

We’d like to introduce you to our trusted partner, Creative Souls Counselling

Creative Souls Counselling logo

At Creative Souls Counselling, you will be offered compassionate support on your grief journey by an experienced counsellor who is registered with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. You will be listened to without judgment and given a safe, confidential space to share whatever you may be feeling.

Weekly sessions are available for adults both remotely and in-person. Remote counselling takes place with a video or telephone call, while in-person sessions take the form of walk and talk therapy* in a quiet, natural setting such as a park. If the idea of traditional talking therapy does not appeal, you may wish to try creative counselling, where art, images and objects are used to access and express emotions. 

Take a look at the Creative Souls Counselling website to find out more.

*Walk and talk therapy is available in Staffordshire