Holiday homes

With every new client meeting, there’s a moment of wishful thinking. The question, “Do you have any property outside of England and Wales?” is often met with a response of “I wish!” but often with a positive statement that leads to a discussion about overseas assets. If you have overseas property, this article is for you.

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Food for Thought

Interesting blogs from the estate planning industry – A collation of blogs and articles we believe our clients would be most interested in, all in one place, for easy access. Topics include modern ways to scatter ashes, tax issues, legal updates and more…

Young woman at a laptop procrastinating about a decision or task

The Thief of Time

Are you one of the 40% of parents who have peace of mind? Or have you and your partner been thinking of making Wills for a long while and failed every attempt to do so? Perhaps you’ve considered writing your own using a stationery form rather than seeking legal advice from a solicitor? Are the…