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Your Will is a unique expression of your wishes for the people you love

Carisma Wills is Staffordshire’s most friendly, professional Will writing service. Our team are all experts in estate planning law, so you can be sure that you will receive a premium service at an affordable price. We’ve been providing our friendly, affordable services to clients all over England and Wales since 2007.

As you start to think about your Will, make a note of any questions you have and book a free 15 minute discovery call with us so we can answer them for you. We can explain what is (and what isn’t) possible under current law and then draft your Will in a legally valid way to ensure that your instructions are clear and straightforward.

When making your Will it is important to find a professional who is approachable and whose advice you understand. At Carisma Wills we avoid unnecessary jargon and our Wills are written in plain English. 

All our estate planning consultants are Members of the Institute of Professional Willwriters and comply with the IPW Code of Practice, which has been approved by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute. Every consultant has passed the rigorous IPW entrance examination. Our principal is a member of STEP with a law degree and post-graduate diploma in law.  The team maintains their legal knowledge with continuing professional development and are backed by £2million professional indemnity insurance.


Will writing

Our confidential and professional will writing service ensures that your will is drafted accurately and in plain English, so there can be no confusion about your wishes.


Lasting Power of Attorney

You can authorise a person you trust to manage your financial affairs if you were to have an accident or serious illness and need support. Essential!


Will reviews

Ask us for a free view of your existing Will, if you would like to be sure that it is effective and accurate.


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Friendly, affordable Will writing services throughout Staffordshire since 2007.


Your personal details are always safe and secure and your privacy respected.

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Our normal service provides documents in 7-14 days. Our same-day service is available in an

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Why do I need a Will?

Everyone over 18 with a bank account, property or other assets needs a Will.

Without a Will you rely on the legal rules of intestacy to share your estate – often this is not what you would have wished.

It’s so important to make a Will if you are not married or in a registered civil partnership. Sadly, the law does not recognise partners who live together as having the same rights as husbands, wives and civil partners. Even if you have lived together for many years, your partner may be left with nothing if you have not made a Will.

A Will is also vital if you have children or dependants who may not be able to care for themselves. Without a Will there could be uncertainty about who will look after or provide for them if you die.

You should consider specialist legal advice about making a Will if:

      • you want to include a Trust in your Will (perhaps to provide for young children or a disabled person, save tax, or simply protect your assets in some way after you die);
      • your permanent home is not in the UK or you are not a British citizen;
      • you live in the UK but you have overseas property;
      • you own all or part of a business or
      • a friend, lodger or relative could make a claim on your estate when you die because they depend on you financially.

Some changes to your circumstances such as marriage, civil partnership, separation, or divorce can make all or part of your existing Will invalid or inadequate. This means that you must review your Will regularly, to reflect any major life changes.

A Will covers many vital issues – gifts of money and property to family, friends and your favourite charities as well as naming who you wish to be guardians of your children. With good estate planning and a well drafted Will you can minimise the amount of inheritance tax your family will have to pay.


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